Friday, November 16, 2012

The President of the United States - The Man Behind the Man - J.D. Coughlan

SET-UP: In a parallel universe, where Lex Luthor's presidency resulted in his dictator-like takeover of America, Lois Lane, freedom fighter, is captured and taken to Luthor.

Panel 1: Lois, hands shackled behind her back, is being put on her knees by Metallo and Parasite. She is angry, looking up at an off-panel Luthor.

LOIS: You've destroyed everything this country stood for, Luthor.

Panel 2: Luthor now in view, nonchalant, gesturing to Parasite and Metallo to stand back. There are a few bodyguards and officials in the background too. Lois continues her rant.

LOIS: Your old pals get cushy jobs while our former heroes are killed, unjustly imprisoned, or hunted like criminals.

Panel 3: Parasite and Metallo are now standing far back (out of panel if necessary) and Luthor is approaching Lois.

LOIS: Gotham is a wasteland, Keystone City is a crime empire, Star City is a police state...

Panel 4: Luthor bending down to eye-level with Lois, putting a hand on her shoulder. He is smug.

LUTHOR: Lois, Lois, Lois...

Panel 5: Same as Panel 4, even Luthor's smug expression.

LUTHOR: (small) Help me.

Panel 6: Same as before, but now Luthor is giving Lois a serious "You heard me right" expression.

LUTHOR: You know I've always had this country's best interests at heart.



  1. I would have been a little sad if no one had used President Luthor or President Rodgers, so thank you for not leaving me disappointed this week :^)

  2. This line "Gotham is a wasteland, Keystone City is a crime empire, Star City is a police state..." That line is why I love this page. You set up a lot in one page at Luthor, but with that one line you set up a whole to explore. Great stuff.

  3. Solid page and I feel you've caught Luthor's voice quite well here too.


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