Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan – Circular Fandomship – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: An upside down car that has a style that’s consistent with the powers and style of its former driver, OVERDRIVE. OVERDRIVE is climging out of it. He looks pretty beat up and worse for the wear, but not like he’s suffering any critical or life-threatening injuries.

MS. MARVEL (KAMALA KHAN) approaches the vehicle, but not sure what to make of OVERDRIVES behavior.

OVERDRIVE (1): That takeout? That was pretty bad-@**.

OVERDRIVE (2): And you look even younger in person!


Panel 2: OVERDRIVE is lying on the ground, not having enough energy to fight against what he recognizes as an inevitable defeat. He points at MS. MARVEL with one hand.

MS. MARVEL is still confused by this turn of events.

OVERDRIVE (1): You’re…uh…

SFX: *snap*snap*

OVERDRIVE (2): Ms. Marvel, right? The new one?


OVERDRIVE (3): I thought so!

OVERDRIVE (4): Overdrive. I’m a fan.

Panel 3: MS. MARVEL is taken aback, but is warming to this very unusual reaction from OVERDRIVE.

MS. MARVEL (1): Really?

OVERDRIVE (1): Absolutely!

OVERDRIVE (2): Using your powers like that? It’s just like Spider-Man!

MS. MARVEL (2): Well, I am a fan of his.

OVERDRIVE (3): Really? Get out of here! ME TOO!

Panel 4: MS. MARVEL helps OVERDRIVE stand up.



Panel 5: Short series of mini/micro-panels as MS. MARVEL and OVERDRIVE spend a bit of time bonding over their mutual love of and admiration for (other) superheroes. Feel free to have some fun here, maybe include something like getting a hot dog or some ice cream together.

Panel 6: MS. MARVEL and OVERDRIVE part on friendly terms as MS. MARVEL hands OVERDRIVE over to the police – he is, after all, still a criminal.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Ms. Marvel - It's Not Easy - Grant McLaughlin

I'm leaping ahead (pardon the pun) (you'll get what I mean in a moment) and looking at what the moment where Kamala reveals her secret identity to Nakia might look like.  I imagine that it probably won't play out this way in the book, but a man can dream.

1 - Outside shot of Nakia's house.  Night time.

CAPTION (KAMALA): Hopefully she'll take it as well as you did.

NAKIA (from within house): Get.  Out.

2 - Kamala and Nakia are sitting on a couch.  Nakia looks surprised and amazed.  Kamala is in her Ms. Marvel uniform (sans mask), wearing a big, proud smile and nodding her head repeatedly (in the cartoony vein that Adrian Alphona sometimes uses - exaggerated expression, ghosted images of Kamala's head in various parts of the nod to show how quickly she's doing it, and so forth).

NAKIA (1): You're Ms. Marvel.

NAKIA (2): My best friend, Kamala Khan, is Ms. Marvel

3 - Nakia springs into excited action, latching onto one of Kamala's arms as she peppers her with questions.  Kamala is taken by surprised by this turn of events.

NAKIA: Are you part of the Avengers?  Have you met Spider-Man?  Did they give you a signal watch to get in touch whenever trouble calls?

KAMALA: Whoa, slow down, Nakia!  Not an Avenger.  Haven't met Spider-Man, but Wolverine is nice.  And I have no idea what this signal watch thing is.  It's not like trouble just falls out of the sky.

4 - In similar positions to last panel, Nakia and Kamala stop their conversation and look towards the basement window due to a loud sound outside.  Nakia looks in worry and surprise; Kamala looks with determination, polymorphing her mask into existence (Visibility?  Either way, it's in the process of showing up here.).


NAKI (quietly): What was that?

5 - Outside in the Nakia's backyard.  Kamala leads the way to find a figure crumpled on the ground.  Nakia follows behind, a frying pan in hand.  There is something of a impact crater / buildup of dirt as the figure clearly landed with some force and skidded along the ground with the impact.  It's dark and hard to see who or what it is.


KAMALA: H-hello?

MYSTERIOUS FIGURE (woozy word balloon to reflect their state): Ughhhh...

KAMALA: Are you okay?

6 - The mysterious figure is none other than the Fantabulous Frog-Man!  Unfortunately, he is looking somewhat worse for wear, with lots of visible wear and tear to his suit.  He also seems to have landed quite awkwardly, as dirt is coming out of his mouth as he gets up.  He doesn't seem overly concerned / aware of this, as he is back on his feet and next to Ms. Marvel.  He grabs her excitedly, his arms on her shoulders (maybe shaking her a little through his overexcitement).  She is surprised, but not threatened.  Nakia is kind of freaking out again.

FROG-MAN: Oh thank goodness!  Ms. Marvel, I really need your help!

Ms Marvel - What's on the Inside - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Kamala Khan is walking home from school in her civilian clothes.  In front of her so the reader sees his back) a man in a fedora and a trench coat is approaching her.

Excuse me Ms Khan.

Yeah.  Ohmygoodness!  It's you---

2.  Reverse angle of the previous panel.  The man in the fedora is Scott Summers.


Not so loud Ms Khan.  I need to talk to you about your powers.

3. Closer on Cyclops, however the oversized fist of Kamala is punching him right in the face.

Mutant or Inhuman, your gift can he--OMFF

Give me a break 'Cyke'.

4.  A high angle.  Kamala is standing over Cyclops.  However he has began to shape shift into Mystique.

I can spot shifting molecules a mile away.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ms. Marvel - Biggest Fan - Travis M. Holyfield

Splash Page with four inset panels. Inset panels are circular and are located at (1) top-right corner, (2) center-left, (3) center-right, and (4) bottom-left. Reading order on the inset panels is designed to replicate Kamala's "lightning bolt" insignia.

Splash Page: Exterior, daytime. A New Jersey street corner. Ms. Marvel, KAMALA KHAN, is fighting THE SANDMAN. They have both grown in size. Sandman's lower torso is a wave of sand, whirling around Kamala's legs. He throws a punch, his hand in the form of a giant sand-hammer, which she avoids by bending out of the way. At the same time she is also throwing a punch, her fist growing into one of her trademark giant KAMALA-FISTS, which puffs harmlessly through Sandman's chest.

Inset Panel 1: Close-up of Ms. Marvel, speaking. She is highly animated and visibly excited.


MS. MARVEL: I know I'm geeking out! I'm sorry! But you're THE ACTUAL SANDMAN!

Inset Panel 2: Another close-up. Ms. Marvel continues to speak, excitedly waving her hands for emphasis.

MS. MARVEL: You were part of the Sinister Six! You worked with the Enforcers! And Hydro-Man! You fight Spider-Man ALL THE TIME!

Inset Panel 3: Close-up of Sandman, looking confused and oddly flattered.

SANDMAN: Wow. So you're, like, what? My biggest fan?

Inset Panel 4: Close-up on Ms. Marvel throwing one of her giant punches.

MS. MARVEL: What? Oh, no. Not your fan. SPIDER-MAN'S fan.

MS. MARVEL: What's he like in real life?

Why Ms. Marvel?

Because everyone should get to be a superhero.

In February of this year, Marvel Comics gave us the newest character to go by the name Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan, a  teenage Pakistani American from New Jersey, who, after exposure to the Inhumans' Terrigen Mists, finds herself with the ability to change her shape. A superhero fangirl, whose personal idol is Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers, Kamala finds herself inspired to use her newfound powers to help people.

 Created by editor Sana Amanat, writer G. Willow Wilson, and artist Adrian Alphona, Kamala represents the first Muslim character to ever headline a Marvel Comic book. And to me, she represents something else - the idea that EVERYONE can potentially be a superhero. Kamala is a teenage Muslim girl, and her story provides a window into that world of experience, but she is not defined by any one attribute or label. She is brave, charming, likeable, and utterly relatable, and my favorite new character to be introduced at the House of Ideas since Miles Morales. Every issue of Ms. Marvel has made me smile, has made me laugh, has made me cheer, and has made me learn something.

Everyone deserves to be a superhero. Kamala Khan is proof of that.

Cosplay by Riana Elliott. Photo By Pat Loika.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Phantom - The Madding Crowd, Part 6 (exposition again) - R.A. Wonsowski

This goes back to the hint from last week's episode, filling on some backstory on the mysterious black diamond....

The top of the gutter around the page should be the coastline of Bengalla, the Skull Cave in the top right corner. The rest of the gutters and the space between panels should be the greenish blue of the sea, but the further down the page we go, it should transition from blue-green to near black...

GUTTER CAPTION: 1890. Bengalla, Africa.

Panel 1 - The Professor and the Mercenary have found the legendary Heart of Darkness, a giant black diamond that fell from the stars long ago, in an empty cavern. The giant ebon stone is cradled in a makeshift stone rest. We have arrived mis-en-scene, as the Mercenary has just "ensured" that he is the only one to profit from the discovery, bloody machete in hand. The PHANTOM stands silhouetted in the mouth of the cavern.


Panel 2 - The PHANTOM leaps forward, and mightily THWAKs the Mercenary across the jaw with his fabled skull ring. And yet, the Mercenary still grins.

PHANTOM: You have no idea what you are dealing with.
MERCENARY: Ah, but I do.

Panel 3 - Wide panel - On the left, the PHANTOM in a menacing stance, one fist up ready to fight, the other hand pointing at the giant black diamond, which stands foreground and center panel. On the right, the Mercenary regains his footing, rubbing his jaw, but leaving his machete on the ground.

PHANTOM: This stone poisons my country from within! My people are sick from its darkness...
MERCENARY: I offer a way to heal your land and its people.
PHANTOM: This corrupts to the soul.
MERCENARY: I am already corrupt. And its power is too great to be left whole...

Panel 4 - Zoom in, and we are seeing through the black diamond, so everything has that warped glass look about it, and the colors are varying shades of violet, inked in midnight blue. The Mercenary has his hands wide apart and low, empty an nonthreatening. The PHANTOM lowers his guard.

MERCENARY: There is a man I know in London, a cutter. He will render it down to smaller stones, a thousand perfect shards.

Panel 5 - From over the Mercenary's shoulder, we see him offer his right hand to the PHANTOM, who wears a weary, saddened look upon his face as he considers the deal he is offered.

MERCENARY: I promise, no one man will possess them all. They will be scattered to the four corners of the globe.
MERCENARY: What do you say?

Panel 6 - A ramshackle steamer leaves the coast of Bengalla, thunderclouds in the sky. They cast a shadow over the left 2/3 of the face of the Skull Cave. The cloud can hint at the shape of the head and shoulders of the PHANTOM, a guilty posture that almost says "what have I done?"

CAPTION: So the Heart of Darkness was spirited out of Africa. And the Ghost Who Walks wept for the outside world... be continued...

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Phantom - Fairy Tales - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: Interior. Night. MR. COOPER sits in his office chair, behind a magnificent desk - the desk of a powerful and influential man. His corner office has floor to ceiling windows, and he has a magnificent view of the city. Cooper sits facing one of the windows, only the right side of his face visible to us in profile.
COOPER: It's a sound plan, Lawrence. But what about opposition? Do you propose to stride into Bangalla and take this treasure with no resistance?

Panel 2: LARRY stands facing Cooper's desk. He is wearing a suit, but it is crumpled and fits badly. He is trying (and failing) to maintain an aura of confidence in front of Cooper.

LARRY: What resistance, Mr. Cooper? It's a bunch of primitives with loincloths and spears.

Panel 3: Cooper at his desk again, still not looking directly at Larry, still only giving us that profile view of his right side. He has tented his fingers in front of his chin, thoughtful.
COOPER: It is said there are other things to fear in the jungles of  Bangalla than spears.

Panel 4: Larry shrugs, and tries on a casual smile.

LARRY: Seriously, sir? "The Ghost Who Walks?" It's a jungle boogeyman. A fairy tale!

Panel 5: Cooper's face has gone dark at Larry's last comment.

COOPER: Fairy tales, Lawrence?

COOPER: Like "Hansel and Gretyl"? Like "Little Red Riding Hood"?

COOPER: Do you know what a fairy tale is, Lawrence?

Panel 6: Cooper turns now to face Larry, and for the first time we see the left side of his face, a mass of scars circulating out from the clear mark of a skull imprinted on his left cheek.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Phantom – Bad Phantom – MK Stangeland Jr.

The following comic works a lot better if done in comic strip form than comic book form.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: THE PHANTOM is standing with JOE EVERYMAN (a generic stand-in.) Next to PHANTOM is his wolf, DEVIL.

JOE EVERYMAN: Thank you for saving me, Phantom!

PHANTOM: You are welcome, citizen!

DEVIL: Ruff!

Panel 2: PHANTOM punches JOE EVERYMAN with his left fist.

PHANTOM: I shall now mark you with my seal of protection!


Panel 3: PHANTOM leaps off-panel as JOE EVERYMAN keels over. DEVIL follows PHANTOM off-panel.



JOE EVERYMAN: [Angry Grumbling]

Panel 4: JOE EVERYMAN looks in a mirror at the mark PHANTOM left on him.

JOE EVERYMAN: [Angry Grumbling]


Monday, September 22, 2014

The Phantom - Legacy - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The Phantom walks across the room, one hand to his chin in classic thinking pose and the other behind his back.  The edge of a table is visible in the foreground of the panel.

THE PHANTOM: I'm not saying I haven't done great things or made a difference, but who am I to say what my son must or mustn't do?

2 - The Phantom is pacing back the other way, his fretting increasing - he now has one hand up on his head, as if he was passing it through his hair in confusion / desperation.

THE PHANTOM: What if he wants to be a doctor?  An artist?  A rock star?

3 - The Phantom is pacing back in his original way, clearly making little progress.  His hands are thrown up in despair,

THE PHANTOM (1): Why shouldn't he get the luxury to chose his own destiny simply because he was born to the Walker name?

DIANA (off-panel): Kit...

4 - Switch angles to the other side of the table.  Diana Palmer, wife of Kit Walker, sits at the table, feeding an obviously very young child who is sitting in a high chair next to her.  Kit Junior is not being incredibly cooperative in this goal, with food pretty much everywhere but in his mouth - this side of the room is messy.  Diana looks at Kit Senior with some bemused frustration.

DIANA: I think we have some time to consider the question.

The Phantom - Who Walks - Ben Rosenthal

1. A shady looking criminal is looking around, scared in a a dark room.  High in the rafters the white eyes of The Phantom can be seen by the reader, but not by the crim.

Jim?  Mack?  Where are you?

CAPTION (Phantom)
A picture says a thousand words.

2.  The Crim is startled by a thud from behind him.  He doesn't know what it is.

sfx: THUD.

GAH! Wh-who's there?

CAPTION (Phantom)
A ghost only needs one.

3.  A close up of the Crim's face, but only the left half is on panel.  It takes up half the panel.  The other half is made up of the Phantom's face whispering in the Crim's ear.  However it is darkened out, barely visible.

Leave this place.


CAPTION (Phantom)