Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ryu – Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Feel free to kick up the MORTAL KOMBAT theme if you’d like before reading this script.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Location – a wooded arena, though we don’t see much of it here since RYU’s head and upper body take up most the panel.

RYU has his head lowered and his eyes closed as he concentrates in preparation for a fight. His hands are in front of him, with one hand clenched into a fist, which is pressed against the other palm of his other hand which is extended flat vertically.

RYU: (Text Box) I didn’t choose this fight.

Panel 2: RYU has twisted his body and stepped to the side to avoid getting hit by SCORPION’s infamous chain grab attack. He looks fully in control of the situation and maintains the same sense of calm he had in PANEL 1. The spike of SCORPION’s chain just narrowly misses him and flies by his chest.


Panel 3: RYU reaches out to grab a segment of SCORPION’s chain as it continues to fly by him, this panel happening almost immediately after PANEL 2 – a lot of blurred motions surrounding RYU’s movements might be in order here to show just how fast things are moving.

Panel 4: RYU pulls on SCORPION’s chain to pull himself towards SCORPION – there is a look of sudden surprise from SCORPION on account of him failing to anticipate anyone actually attempting what RYU is about to pull off.

Panel 5: RYU hits SCORPION with a SHORYUKEN – ideally, the panel should have an ‘iconic’ feel to it.


Panel 6: RYU hits the ground and lands in an action pose, readying himself for his next move. SCORPION, in the foreground, is mid-recovery – he certainly felt RYU’s opening blow, but he’s about to regain his footing and composure before things really get going.

RYU: (TEXT BOX) I fear what might happen if I’m forced to finish it.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Ryu - Brothers - Grant McLaughlin

If Saboten hadn't beaten me to it years ago, I'd like to think I'd have written something like this.  However, since that's already been done, you'll have to settle for the following instead.

1 - Ken Masters meditates in a traditional Japanese garden, his eyes closed.  No one else seems to be around.  It is winter, with a fresh snowfall blanketing the world around him.  Ken sits beneath a majestic tree (also snow covered), with various aspects of Japanes gardens visible throughout the panel (perhaps part of a pond in the foreground and sideground, a bridge crossing the pond, a stone lantern or two, a little building in the background, etc).

KEN: You know, Ryu...

2 - Repeat panel.

KEN: I think I'm finally starting to understand where you're coming from.

3 - Ken (eyes still closed) looks over his shoulder, presumably to where he believes Ryu is.  Unfortunately for Ken, Ryu (who has been and remains off-panel) has thrown a snowball at Ken from the direction he is looking towards, which hits him straight on in the face.

KEN: When I'm not acting out and causing distractions, this is actually really relax--

SFX (snowball): paff!

4 - Ken sits in the same position, but his face is covered in snow, which drips off comically.  Perhaps have his angry open eyes visible through the mask of snow.

RYU (off-panel): You know, Ken...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ryu - The Kun - Ben Rosenthal

1. The final tournament in Street Fighter 1.  A shot of Ryu's head snapping towards the reader as Sagat lands a blow with his knee to Ryu's cheek.

CAPTION:  Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto

CAPTION: Seek perfection of character.

2.  Ryu is picking himself up from the ground, bruised and looking worse for wear.  Sagat is winning this fight.

CAPTION:  Makoto no michi o mamoru koto

CAPTION:  Be Sincere.

3a.  A series of small, quick panels showing Ryu getting beaten.  This should go across the page. The caption should run across the top and bottom of these smaller panels to it looks like a flurry of attacks.  The first panel shows Sagat's fist connecting with Ryu's face.

CAPTION:  Reigi o omonzuru koto

3b.  This panel shows a knee connecting with Ryu's solar plexus.  

3c.  An elbow of Sagat is coming down hard on the base of the back of Ryu's neck.

CAPTION: Respect others.

4.  Sagat's hand is lifting Ryu's head up.  His hand all but covers the top of Ryu's head.  We can see Ryu's eye's have a red tinge to them.

CAPTION:   Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto

CAPTION:  Put maximum effort into everything you do.

5.  Ryu is performing a devastation Dragon Uppercut on Sagat.  It is delivered with such force that it has ripped open Sagat's chest.  This is how Sagat got his scar.  


6.  Sagat lies on the ground, bleeding from the wound on his chest.  Ryu stands above him - eyes glowing red and face looking darker.  This is the first time he has tapped into the dark hadou - his face looks darker and distorted with anger.

CAPTIONKekki no yuu o imashimuru koto

CAPTION: Develop self control.

Why Ryu?

Uh, because he is all kinds of awesome.

Ryu, easily the main and most recognisable character from the Street Fighter video game series has been around for over 25 years.  From his first appearance in the original Street Fighter video game, Ryu has undergone many changes in these years - mostly built on in the comic series by Udon Entertainment.

Originally the victor of the first Street Fighter tournament (according to the video game) Ryu not only took the title but left a scar on rival Sagat's chest.  His only desire was to seek out stronger opponents and support his training partner and best friend Ken Maters.

However as the series grew in popularity Ryu's motivation and history has been expanded.  Through the prequels Street Fighter Zero series it is revealed that his Sensei Gouken, whom we originally were told was killed by Street Fighter II boss M Bison, was in actuality killed by his brother Akuma - a man who had been seduced by the darker aspects of the hadou (the mystical force that allows Ryu and Ken to throw fireballs and such).

Ryu's mission was to find Akuma and avenge his Sensei's death.  Later, this mythology was further expanded upon with Ryu at constant battle with the dark hadou.  He was constantly at war with it, fighting within himself as well as physical opponents.  It was explained that Ryu scarring Sagat in their bout for the Street Fighter final was a result of him giving in to this dark hadou.  Somehting he vowed never to give in to.  Akuma however has other plans.  Akuma wants to see Ryu succumb to this evil power so that they may  battle to realise who is the true master of their craft.

Recently (as in Street Fighter IV) players have the option of playing two Ryu characters - normal Ryu and an Evil Ryu.  This incarnation has Ryu consumed by the dark hadou, a hole in his chest and a thirst for blood and murder that cannot be fulfilled.

With a character who is constantly being fleshed out, the tenured writer's of Thought Balloons have a lot of wriggle room this week.  And don't forget - if you have a one page comic script about Ryu please feel free to post it below.  We even will provide feedback, cos we're nice like that,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Andrew Bennett - The Madding Crowd, Part 2 - R.A. Wonsowski

Previously, reporter JACK RYDER was given a lead on a conspiracy surrounding a new pharmaceutical company, chaired by two doctors who had hands in creating the CREEPER, and thought to be dead until now. RYDER's research is cut short when a deranged SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN, possibly sensing the reporter's own split sanity, separates the CREEPER from JACK, with the wrong mind in the wrong body.

Set-up: JACK, with the CREEPER's mind inside, chases SHADE up a fire escape and over Gotham's rooftops. The CREEPER, however, now inhabited by JACK's sane mind, balks at the first tenement ledge. He's considering going back down when a voice behind him tells him to stop, and that he is needed...



Panel 1- We are looking over the CREEPER's shoulder at ANDREW BENNETT, who is standing on a rooftop steam pipe, the steam billowing about his feet. He is dressed in a duster coat, t-shirt, and jeans, hands in his jeans pockets and barefoot. He has a pair of military grade night-vision binoculars slung around his neck. Gotham's skyline is in view, the crescent moon has risen on a starless night and frames BENNETT's head like a broken halo.

BENNETT: My name is Andrew. I've been following the Changing Man, for far too long.

CREEPER: You mean the wacko in the technicolor dreamcoat? What's his story? Who's Kathy?

Panel 2- Profile, BENNETT looks through the binoculars into the distance, considering his quarry.

BENNETT: His "story" is that Shade is an interdimensional poet who can physically manifest madness through a vest he stole from another world.

BENNETT: Kathy is the woman he loves.

Panel 3- BENNETT steps down from the steam pipe to the roof, reaching into an inside pocket of his coat. The CREEPER stands arms folded as his skeptic-journalist self would, listening.

BENNETT: He believes that certain parties can help him access certain energies in the M-Zone to bring her back.

CREEPER: From where? Jersey?

BENNETT: The dead.

Panel 4- BENNETT holds the photos of Dr. Yatz and Dr. Skolos in front of his face. They are recognizable, bit the bits about the eyes and mouths are warped.

BENNETT: I'm not sure what these two are, really. But I've heard them called "necrologists". Supposedly they have mastered the clockwork of death and rebirth.

CREEPER (off-panel): And you know this how?

Panel 5- BENNETT smiles wide, his fangs bared, his eyes open, blank,  and glassy. We see the nervous face of the CREEPER reflected in his eyes, as JACK realizes he's over his head...

BENNETT: Because I've been dead. And reborn.

BENNETT: And I myself have been torn in two directions too often to count. be continued...

Andrew Bennett - Into the Woods - Travis M. Holyfield

Panel 1: A forest in winter. Andrew Bennett surveys a scene of carnage. A body lies before him, twisted and broken, discarded carelessly. There is blood, bright against the snow. Bennett is wearing an overcoat, the collar turned up.

Panel 2: Bennett's POV. Two sets of human (vampire, anyway) footprints lead away from the body, into the darkness of the forest, and the swirling snow.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): Two of them. The snow is starting to fill in their tracks. That means a good head start.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): I'll never catch them on foot.

Panel 3: Bennett shrugs his overcoat off. He is bare-chested underneath. (For the ladies. And some of the fellas.)

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): Not on two feet, anyway.

Panel 4: Bennett crouches down on all fours, his form beginning to blur and shift.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): Changing shape is painless. There's no rending or twisting. No tortured gnashing of bones reknitting.

Panel 5: The blurring form resolves itself as a huge wolf. The markings on the wolf's fur match the colors of Bennett's hair.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): It's like having a word on the tip of your tongue and the sweet relief of recalling it.

 Panel 6: Wolf-Bennett runs off into the forest, pursuing his prey.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): You aren't a man becoming a wolf.

ANDREW BENNETT (Caption): You're a wolf remembering that it isn't a man.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Andrew Bennett - To Catch a Thief - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: A dark bedroom. It is night outside the open window, with the curtains flowing in the breeze. There is a body in the bed, under the sheets. In the dark corner, a face is half-illuminated. It is Skinner Sweet (from American Vampire). His eyes are cruel and he bares his fangs in a grin.

SWEET: (small) Never smile at a crocodile...

Panel 2: Skinner walks out of the dark corner, towards the bed, still grinning wickedly.

SWEET: (small) Don't be taken in by his welcome grin...

Panel 3: Over Skinner's shoulder as he looms over the bed, reaching out a hand to the sheet. We cannot see who is in the bed in the darkness.

SWEET: (small) He's imagining you inside his skin...

SWEET: (small) No, you

Panel 4: The sheet thrown back to reveal Andrew Bennett. He grins and points a revolver (loaded with gold bullets, of course) at Skinner.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Andrew Bennett – Vamp Runner – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: ANDREW BENNETT is in a nightclub, dressed in dark colors and wearing a pair of shades as he tried to remain inconspicuous. This is for naught, however, as there is a perky and excited looking woman – ALICE - poking her head out from the other side of the short wall that BENNETT’s otherwise empty booth is attached to.

Panel 2: ANDREW BENNETT reacts with surprise as ALICE speaks up.

ALICE: You’re a vampire, aren’t you!?


Panel 3: ALICE leaps over the wall to get into the booth next to BENNETT. BENNETT, on the other hand, looks at ALICE with a WTF look on his face.


ALICE (2): I see vampire fangs!

Panel 4: ALICE leans in on BENNETT, practically throwing herself at him. BENNETT looks like he’s trying to say something, but is speechless.

ALICE (1): Take me!

ALICE (2): Make me yours!

Panel 5: BENNETT, still not sure how to react to this situation, scoots away from ALICE.


ALICE: Is something wrong? I can go clean up first if you’d like.

Panel 6: BENNETT plants his face against the table in front of him. ALICE looks confused.

ANDREW BENNETT: (Mumbling) This is why I hate romantic vampire stories.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Andrew Bennett - Would You Ever? - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A vast ocean.  There is no land in sight.  in the middle of it is a small raft.  It has been pieced together by wreckage.  It has a sail erected, but it is joined to the main raft area - it is acting as shade, not as a sail.

CAPTION (Andrew)
This is why we don't travel.

2.  A reveal of  the person on the raft - it is Andrew Bennett looking gaunt.  Scorch marks can be seen on his face and naked torso from where the sun has pierced through the sail during the heat of the day.

CAPTION (Andrew)
When I was young, I remember playing a game of 'Would you ever' with classmates.

"Would you ever kiss a teacher?  Would you ever drink your own pee?" Stuff like that.

3.  Andrew is looking at his hand.  He is weakened.

CAPTION (Andrew)
Right now....

4.  Andrew is biting his ring finger off.

5.  A wide panel, with Andrew drinking his own blood from his severed finger.

CAPTION (Andrew)
...I'd kiss Mrs 'Moleface' Maquire.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Andrew Bennett - I, Last - Arby Moay


Panel 1
Day. We are in a forest. While the trees and grass are still green, there are now signs of rot in some places. We look over the entrance of a big cave, dark on the inside. Andrew Bennett is walking towards the cave with a dead rat in his hands. No other animal should be seen anywhere else.

CAPTION: Before all this...

Panel 2
Inside the cave, Andrew Bennett drops the rat and sits down, half of his body consumed in the shadow of the cave. He looks solemn, and a little gaunt.

CAPTION: The world's most heinous criminals, outside of Gotham and Metropolis, sentenced with the capital punishment often get to request what their last meal is.

Panel 3
Andrew Bennett picks up the dead rat and dangles it in front of himself. He shows his fangs, ready to eat.

CAPTION: I murdered the entire planet, including the masks and aliens that run and fly around it.

Panel 4
Close tight on Andrew Bennett's mouth as he bites the rat's head of.

CAPTION: And this is all I get before I starve to death...