Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prophet – Stop Killing Yourself – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Yeah, I know, I am so mature.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: JOHN PROPHET, the original, is on the center of a narrow, naturally formed rock bridge facing off against a hoard of his clones. He has just cut across the chest of one of them.


PROPHET: Quit killing yourself!

Panel 2: PROPHET kicks one of the clones off the bridge as he stabs his sword into another one.


PROPHET (1): Quit killing yourself!

SFX: shink

PROPHET (2): Quit killing yourself!

Panel 3: A CLONE blocks PROPHET’s sword with his own blade.


CLONE: Would you stop saying…!

Panel 4: PROPHET hits the CLONE in the gut with his fist.


Panel 5: PROPHET brings his sword down to stab the CLONE in the back.

Panel 6: View from below as the CLONE falls off the bridge while PROPHET keeps fighting up above.

PROPHET: Quit killing yourself!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Prophet - In Truth - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  Rows one and two are made up of 3 panels each, with row three housing a single panel.

1 - A planet floats in the darkness of space.  It looks pretty desolate and empty.  The lightbeam that awoke the many different Johns in issue #23 comes from off-panel, going directly to the planet.

CAPTION: The signal traveled along the vastness of space.

2 - Planetside.  This is a planet of craggy mountains and rock.  One of those drill capsules has emerged from the ground.  John and the capsule are on the side of a tall and sheer cliff-face.  John Prophet has already emerged from the capsule and is in the process of throwing up the Ampa Micakane stimulant that every John Prophet seems to expel upon awaking.

CAPTION: Reaching yet another of its many destinations

3 - John injects himself with the stimulant.

CAPTION: As always, John Prophet awoke, ready for the task ahead.

4 - Two figures crest a nearby hill, walking towards John.  They are still a good distance off, but their appearance is visible.  They wear colourful robes that cover most of their long and skinny bodies, with almost comically large hats that look similar to the shells of hermit crabs crowning their heads.

CAPTION: But before he could begin, Truth Wizards of Oanra came to him.

5 - John and the Truth Wizards stand in conversation.  He listens as the Truth Wizards speak (in the indecipherable way that aliens speak in this series).

CAPTION: And they spoke.

6 - John Prophet looks towards the reader, a look of sadness and resignation on his face.  He is defeated.

CAPTION: Their words were unwelcome.

7 - Another far shot, like in panel 2.  John falls from the cliff-face, having leaped to his death after hearing what his interlocutors had to say.  The Truth Wizards are walking away, having already made some good distance.  The capsule and John's equipment lay on the ground, abandoned.

CAPTION: Yet undeniably true.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prophet - Lore - Brian Manton

A John Prophet sits on a throne, surrounded by small, somewhat humanoid (but not at all human-like) aliens. He wears a crown and jewellery fashioned from alien bones.

CAP: The Pretender reigned as God for untold years.

A large space ship crashes into the alien palace.

CAP: Until the Saviour smote the palace down.

Inside the wreckage of the throne room, another John Prophet (dressed for space travel) emerges from a hatch in the space ship. The Pretender stands from his throne, furious.

CAP: And emerged the perfect likeness of he we had worshipped for so long.

The Pretender raises an axe and charges the new John, but new John simply shoots him with a laser pistol.

CAP: The Pretender thought to destroy him but the Saviour revealed his divine power

New John carrying out repairs to his space ship. Aliens gather around him in awe but he pays them no attention.

CAP: He adorned his skyhammer with trophies from our lands.

CAP: When it began to growl again we knew the Saviour would return to the heavens.

A small swarm of the aliens sexually pleasure John in the way only a swarm of small aliens can.

CAP: Not interested in worship, we feared he would leave us.

CAP: But the shemales reached out to the divine within him and he looked favourably upon us.

Inside a starship. A huge window reveals a space-scape in the background.
An adult alien sits with a group of alien children, telling the story of their ascent to the heavens.

Alien: We have lived amongst the stars of the Gods from that day.

Why Prophet?

Giannis Milonogiannis
I've never read Rob Liefeld's original Prophet series but that doesn't matter for Brandon Grapham's epic sci fi reboot of the comic.

Simon Roy

Set ten thousand years in the future, there are countless clones of John Prophet throughout space, allowing for infinite variations of sci fi stories to be told with the character.

Farel Dalrymple

With such wide scope, there is room for much more than sci fi stories, with Graham noting one of the main aims of the series was to "out 'Conan' the current run of 'Conan'"

Simon Roy

The series seems to be greatly influenced by the European scifi found in Metal Hurlant by Moebius and Phillipe Druillet. 

Phillipe Druillet

Prophet features an amazing lineup of talented artists including: Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis, Farel Dalrymple, James Stokoe and even 2000AD's Dave Taylor.

James Stokoe

Space has no boundaries and there are innumerous John Prophets to be discovered. Stay tuned to Thought-Balloons this week to meet a few of them.

Simon Roy

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Headspace - Resonance - Brian Manton

Shot from behind Max, as he stands on the main street of Carpenter Cove, the town stretching out before him.
Max centre frame, the panel is split vertically showing the headspace version of Carpenter Cove on the left and IRL Carpenter Cove on the right.
Headspace Cove is in night and the strange creatures that populate it crawl the buildings.
IRL Cove is daytime, a busy town with happy people.

Max: They built a town in my head.

Max: I've come to the real town... for some perspective I guess.

IRL Carpenter Cove.
Low shot looking up at Max. His feet are rooted on the ground but from his waist, multiple versions of his torso spring out, flailing in different directions.

Max: Everything vibrates into place and I hear something click.

Headspace Carpenters Cove.
The dark town is empty.

Max: My mind is a ghost town.

IRL Carpenter Cove.
A car crashes into a shopfront. Everyone who was walking around the town has fallen to the ground asleep. The sleepers look distressed.
Max stands in the middle of all of this, dumbfounded.

Max: And everyone out here has one of my personal demons to wrestle with in their dreams.

Headspace - The Recess - R.A. Wonsowski

Layout: 2x3

Panel 1 - Through the mouth of the crevasse, we see the Cove across the lake at a very dim twilight.

CAPTION:  I take one last look back before I go into the recess. Night falls like a kiss from a creepy uncle.

Panel 2 - Dark gray rock walls, going up and on into the dark forever, no end to the depth.

CAPTION:  Last time with the flashlight was disorienting. Spots danced and played hell on my eyes whenever I swung it around.

Panel 3 - Black.

CAPTION:  This time I'll let my night eyes adjust. Go in blind. In my head, I sing like Mama used to when the power'd go out.

Panel 4 - Black.

CAPTION:  Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...that saved a wretch like me...

Panel 5 - Black.

CAPTION:  I once was lost...

CAPTION: ...god...

CAPTION:  ...but now....

Panel 6:  Black, except for the impossible gleam of a knife edge.

CAPTION (someone else):  ...i see...

Congratulations RKL and Mr Hill on your success!  And thanks again for letting me play in your sandboxes...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Headspace - The Whole World - Niel Jacoby


Panel 1: GAVIN, the deputy from Issue 1, is walking through a woods on the outskirts of Carpenter Cove. It is broad daylight.


Panel 2: Gavin is still walking through the woods, but it's much closer to dusk, and he's looking haggard.


Panel 3: Night has fallen. Gavin is bleary, and the woods have clearly become more of a bayou.


Panel 4: Gavin is struggling to pull one of his shoes out of the mud of the bayou, and we can see firelight in the distance.


Panel 5: We see Gavin's reaction to what he sees in Panel 6. We see his face in a look of confusion as it is illuminated by the firelight.


Panel 6: Gavin stands at the edge of the bayou, looking on at a gathering around a dilapidated shack. about 15 men and women in sheep masks are gathered around a stump. Bray Wyatt
is standing on the stump, leading his congregation in a song, as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan stand at either side of the stump.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Headspace – Thinking Outside the Box – MK Stangeland Jr.

(I can only make out the basics about what is supposed to be going on with HEADSPACE, so my apologies if this in no way lines up with what is actually going on.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Still inside the mental image of MAX’s head, in the padded room where MAX sits on the floor in a straight jacket. MAX’s father  - rather, a mental image of his father - falls down face forwards, dead from the hole in his chest. Behind him stands GEORGE WASHINGTON, dressed up like a modern-day RAMBO.

WASHINGTON: It’s time to go, son.

Panel 2: MAX, still looks in shock at where his dad lies dead on the ground.

MAX: You just killed my father!

Panel 3: WASHINGTON steps forwards over the body of MAX’s father. He grabs for a combat knife at his side.

WASHINGTON (1): No, that would require he were real.

WASHINGTON (2): But none of this is. If it were, I would not be here, for I have been dead for over 200 years.

Panel 4: WASHINGTON stands over MAX, who looks up at him. He holds a combat knife by the blade, pointing the handle at MAX as if to offer it to him.

Ideally, the panel would be looking up at WASHINGTON alongside MAX to give WASHINGTON a greater presence.

WASHINGTON (1): Your so-called father was their latest attempt to control you.

WASHINGTON (2): I have come to help set you free.

WASHINGTON (3): You could stay here and let them win.

WASHINGTON (4): Or you can come with me, and maybe I can help you beat them back.

Panel 5: MAX, on the floor, looks at the knife that WASHINGTON is offering him.

Panel 6: MAX looks back up at WASHINGTON.

MAX: Cut me free.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Headspace - Adrift - Grant McLaughlin

Okay, let's see if this will make any sense.  We'll roll with three rows of panels.  Top row is panels 1 through 3, all equal width.  Second row is panels 4 and 5, the latter slightly larger than the former.  The final row is a single panel, panel 6.  The important thing to note is that the gutter between the first and second row is actually a jagged lightning bolt that flies across the page, diagonally descending from right to left.  There could even be a big "CRAAACK" along the way.  This means that the top row gets shorter going from left to right, while the second row gets taller.  The third row is unaffected by this.

One more thing, the first three panels would be in Eric Zawadzki's inimitable style, while the remainder of the page would be Riley Rossmo's.  The reason, if not already, will become evident as you read through.

1 - We open on Linda, the character from the first three pages of the first issue, in the boat Shane sent her off into the ocean in, sitting in the same position - arms handcuffed behind her back and looking down into the rowboat's bottom.  She is afloat in the middle of the water - pretty similar to that third page.  It is just starting to rain, with a few scant raindrops harmlessly falling from the heavens.

CAPTION (LINDA): Carpenter Cove was always quiet.

2 -  The camera can start to move closer to Linda and her boat, although it's still pretty far off.  The rain increases in intensity - it's becoming a regular shower.

CAPTION (LINDA): But nothing lasts forever.

3 - We're closer in yet again.  The rain has developed into a true downpour, slapping against Linda, her boat, and the water.  The ocean starts to become wild and choppy.

CAPTION (LINDA): I know it was only the calm before the storm.

This would be where the lightning gutter comes into play - perhaps a red lightning bolt - taking us across the page and into the art change.

4 - Closer still, water is coming over the side of the boat.  Linda pays it no mind.

CAPTION (LINDA): So I got out.

5 - The rain continues, but Linda's boat, while filling with water, has landed on a beach.

CAPTION (LINDA): It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

6 - Pull out, Linda continues to ignore the world around her in the background, but our focus is on Morley Mack (of Green Wake fame, natch) who is standing on the beach and smoking a cigarette.

CAPTION (LINDA): Unfortunately, I have a feeling I only traded one storm for another.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Headspace - Spinoff! - Ben Rosenthal

NOTE:  This will only make 'sense' if you have read HEADSPACE #2.  I use the term 'sense' very loosely.  Apologies to Ryan, Dan and the rest of the HEADSPCE crew.

1.  A text panel running across the top of the page.  The title is a graphic resembling the Indiana Jones logo.

TEXT: From the mind of Ryan Lindsay comes the next break out character from the hit comic HEADSPACE - THE ADVENTURES OF SURPRISE ALLIGATOR!

2.  Max is inside his house, answering the front door.  His hand is on the doorknob as he is about to open it.

SFX: Ding dong.

MAX: Ah, that must be my copy of "Murderer's Illustrated"

3.  The door is open.  Surprise Alligator Has leapt on top of Max, jaws singing in to his midsection.  Max has lost a hand.

4.  Max is in bed, on his side getting ready to kiss his wife. She is next to him in bed, covered up by the quilt.  It appears she is already asleep.  Max is puckering up to kiss her goodnight.

MAX: What a day!  Goodnight honey.

5.  Surprise Alligator is in Max's bed, not his wife.  He is eating Max's face.  Surprise Alligator is wearing sexy lingerie.

6.  Max is answering the door again, similar to Panel 2 however it is a new day and he is dressed differently.  He is being cautious about opening the door - there is fear in his eyes.

SFX: Ding dong.

MAX: Uh...

7.  The door is open with Max putting his hands up as he believes he is about to be attacked by Surprise Alligator.  However a postman is in the doorway holding out a box.

POSTMAN: Delivery for you, sir.

8.  Max is taking the box from the man, looking at it in disbelief.

MAX: Uh, thanks.

9.  Surprise Alligator is springing out of the small box, defying the laws of physics and eating Max's head.